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ASPOSE to handle PDF & Word Documents for DMS development

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Motto Systems has developed a world class Quality Documentation Product very specifically designed for Pharmaceutical Industry. This can be clearly explained as Pharma Document Management System where users from various departments log on to the system and prepare their documents according to the assigned privileges and permissions. Our primary / core requirement is to convert the word document files those were uploaded by the user into PDF format without losing any word styles, alignments and any other properties, and to place dynamic text on the PDF like Checked, Reviewed and Approver’s signatures on the PDF on the fly.

During the initial phases our product development, we have used several third party software libraries, but could not find the right one which exactly suits our requirement. And the developer support we got from those suppliers after downloading the trial versions is negligible as in order to test the product that is meeting our requirements or not.

When we come across Aspose, we got all the stuff from the Aspose Documentation and Aspose API references for any Aspose individual product. We were able to achieve all our requirements (Word to PDF Conversion with WYSWYG) along with the scope for testing the Aspose Words and Aspose PDF full versions for one month. This helped us a lot to discuss various requirements of our Clients and test against the Aspose Capability to provide solution for the same.

We found Aspose not only meeting our requirements, but we got a picture to extend our future requirements to other technical branches like barcoding and RDLC and we need not run out of the box for hunting a capable vendor as Aspose Product family includes all the solutions that meet basic documentation / reporting requirements of a typical IT firm, and we can purchase the license in incremental model as and when the requirements meet with us.

Finally we conclude that Aspose has all required options to cater our services globally as a dependable partner by providing a comprehensive solution from it’s off the shelf solutions readily available with the capability of extending.

PDF generated from Aspose Words shown in the Popup window (Exactly same as Word, WYSWYG).

We look forward to associate with ASPOSE in a long run.

Motto Systems.

Here are couple of screen shots for review:


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GMPPro a Complete Pharma Quality Management System

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GMPPro is a software product specifically designed and developed for the life science and pharmaceutical industries to manage day to day compliance requirements. GMPPro has been specifically designed to meet the requirements demanded by regulatory bodies. It provides the ability to control every aspect of the pharmaceutical processes, activities and operations.

For Details Visit : E-mail : Call US : US : +1 781-285-8775 / +1 781-285-8771 India : +91-955 344 4478 / +91 40-2311-6886

Motto Systems provide software quality solutions specifically designed for Life Science Industry

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Motto Systems Founded by a group of technologists with over 50 years of collective experience in software design, development & software services, Motto Systems focuses on providing end-to-end solutions in various technology areas across the product cycle from requirement assessment through final acceptance and maintenance.

With unwavering focus and commitment, the company has adopted a distinctive business approach, coupled with a creative drive to provide flexible solutions tailored to our client’s specific requirements. Apart from addressing underlying industry processes, they enable businesses to streamline their working approach in a way that brings about greater business efficiency and better results.

Our team of professionals is skilled in adapting to situations working with our clients in a meticulous manner from concept planning to design, development to testing and implementation to live launch. Harnessing their expertise and experience, they respond thoroughly and quickly to the situation and ensure project delivery on time and budget.

At Motto, we believe in embracing excellence and leave no stone unturned at getting the job done to perfection. Apart from substantial experience in a range of industries, we have offered solutions that brought manifold benefits for our customers. Our software professionals are well versed in different facets of software technologies and systems with a strong sense of grasping your needs and the ability to translate your business requirements into functioning software. >From Design to Coding, Testing, Debugging and Maintenance, they deliver a superior customer experience while increasing efficiencies and profitability. Similarly, our Web and SEO professionals through a combination of creative excellence and out-of-the-box methodology innovation deliver high quality output.

Our whole approach is to combine diverse expertise in business strategy, technology, usability and design to provide real value for money. We take great pride in the fact that we are today a successful and preferred IT Partner for end-clients diverse as owner-operators, multinational corporations, local authorities, government departments and non-profit organizations and in various segments including Pharma, Mining, Fabrication & Erection, Education, taxation, construction and automobiles.

With Motto Systems, customers get the best mix of high quality, cost and time savings and reliable service well supplemented by state-of-the-art technologies that adds value to your requirements.


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